Each day there are various mathematical events in Bonn. They address professors, postdocs, students, and the general public.

Students in a lecture room

HIM Programs

Research at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics (HIM) is devoted to all areas of mathematics, mathematical economics, and interactions of mathematics with other sciences. It is carried out by guest scientists who take part in Trimester Programs (TP) or Junior Trimester Programs (JTP).

Hausdorff School

Within the Hausdorff School for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (HSM) we offer a series of comprehensive courses on various topics of contemporary research in mathematics and theoretical economics for PhD students and postdocs from all over the world. We offer financial support for external participants. 


Numerous international workshops, conferences, and topical schools take place throughout the year. 

Hausdorff Kolloquium

In the Hausdorff Kolloquium elected speakers are invited to present their work to Bonn's mathematical community. 

Lipschitz Lectures

Felix Klein Lectures

Plücker Lectures

The lectures specifically address graduate students in applied and pure mathematics and thus create an opportunity for interactions across the research areas.

Toeplitz Kolloquium

The lectures address a general mathematical audience consisting of teachers, researchers, mathematics educators, historians of mathematics and all other people that are interested in mathematical culture.

Poster Exhibitions

The annual BIGS Poster exhibitions for PhD student stimulate discussions with other students and provide an overview of the wide variety of doctoral theses in Bonn. 

Public Events

The Hausdorff Center frequently organizes events for the public to communicate the fascination of mathematics to a wider audience.